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Main Research Activities

I am a post-doctoral researcher at MIST, École Polytechnique de Montréal in Canada under the supervision of Prof. Giovanni Beltrame. The focus of my research is designing innovative tools for swarm robotics.

My h-index is 17. I authored 16 journal articles, 31 conference papers, and 2 book chapters.

Programming large-scale robot swarms
I am developing Buzz, an innovative programming language specifically designed for real-world robot swarms. Buzz was widely covered in the media, most notably by MIT Technology Review, Communications of the ACM, and RoboHub.
Accurate, physics-based simulation of robot swarms
During my Ph.D., I have designed ARGoS, which is currently the fastest general-purpose robot simulator in the literature. ARGoS is used by many laboratories across the world to perform accurate physics-based simulations of large-scale robots swarms. I am continuously improving ARGoS to suit the diverse needs of the swarm robotics research community.
Algorithms for robot swarms
I have designed several swarm algorithms for task allocation, foraging, self-assembly, and pattern formation.

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