(01/2015 - 06/2015) Swarm Robotics Programming Language

The main goal of this project was the creation of Buzz, a programming language for heterogeneous robot swarms. The project was funded by Pleaides Robotics and NSERC.

My role in the project was lead researcher. I designed the language and its run-time platform.

(10/2010 - 3/2015) ASCENS

The aim of the IST-FET ASCENS project is to lay the foundations of engineering and formal methods for ensembles of self-aware, self-adaptive and self-expressive autonomic components. My contribution to the project is to apply the concepts and methods elaborated in the project on state-of-the-art swarm robotics scenarios.

This video was shot during our participation to ICT2013 and it explains the goals and results of the project. The video contains a segment in which I describe the robotics scenario we presented at the exhibition.

(10/2006 - 10/2010) Swarmanoid

The FET-OPEN Swarmanoid project was aimed at studying novel tools and control techniques for heterogeneous swarms of robots. My contribution to the project was the design and development of ARGoS and of several robot controllers.

I participated to the making of this video that describes the project. It won the AAAI 2011 video competition and the Most Innovative Technology award at the 2012 Robot Film Festival:

(10/2007 - 1/2008) Evolving a Collective Consciousness for a Swarm of Pico Satellites

I worked in a project within the Ariadna program of the Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) of the European Space Agency (ESA). I applied concepts of swarm intelligence to tackle the problem of autonomously displacing swarms of satellites in a hexagonal formation in a scalable manner.

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